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Invest in your whole family

Start by opening your own personal investing account. Then, give custodial investing accounts to the little ones in your life. Once they’re old enough, they can use the money to pay for education and other opportunities.


Use Stash to teach your kids about smart investing at a young age. It’s knowledge that will serve them for their entire lives.

Focus on the future

Don’t waste money on another useless gift. Instead, start a college fund, or just give the kids in your life a head start.


For balances of $5,000 or less, your first custodial account will cost $1 per month and additional custodial accounts will cost half as much—only $1 every two months.

All custodial accounts with balances over $5,000 will cost 0.25% per year of assets.

“Teaching kids the value of saving and investing early is the greatest gift you can give the next generation, and starting young is one of the biggest factors in growing wealth.”

—Brandon Krieg, CEO and co-founder

Invest in something they'll never outgrow.

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