Invest in themes (ETFs) on Stash

Invest in fractional shares of themed funds (ETFs) that bundle securities (stocks, bonds, and/or commodities) with as little as $5.

What’s an ETF?

Aggressive Mix

Looking for an all-in-one aggressive option to make it easy? This diverse collection is tailored to your goals.

Ticker AOR


AI's Top U.S. Picks

Built on IBM's Watson AI, this fund holds US stocks picked by artificial intelligence models.

Ticker AIEQ


All That Glitters

Wedding rings, electronics, and a hedge against inflation. Own a piece of gold, silver, platinum, and palladium.

Ticker GLTR


American Innovators

Invest in tech companies that are changing the world, like Apple, Google, and Facebook.

Ticker VGT


Big Business Bonds

Invest in 5–10 year loans to the most creditworthy companies in the US of A with these bonds.

Ticker VCIT


Big Money

Money makes the world go round. These companies are the leading players in finance.

Ticker VFH



These companies are actively involved in the development and utilization of blockchain technologies.

Ticker BLOK


Blue Chips

Rely on the superstars that already made it big. Buy some of America's most well-known companies.

Ticker MGC


Bond, Junk Bond

Seeking higher interest bond exposure? This fund offers greater risk company bonds that also pay more.

Ticker JNK


Bonding with America

This fund is a holistic investment in US investment-grade bonds and can be a great way to diversify.

Ticker AGG


Bonds Worldwide

Gain broad exposure to high-quality international government bonds. Investors? Possibly you.

Ticker BNDX


Clean & Green

Make your money even greener. Invest in the power of clean energy sources like solar and wind.

Ticker ICLN


Colossal China

Get a piece of the fastest growing large economy, powered by a population of 1.3 billion.

Ticker GXC


Combat Carbon

From big names to small players, back the companies that actively curb their carbon footprints.

Ticker CRBN


Conservative Mix

Looking for an all-in-one conservative option to make it easy? This diverse collection is tailored to your goals.

Ticker AOK


Copy the Experts

Professional investors use big brains and big bucks to find investments. Follow their lead.

Ticker GURU


Corporate Cannabis

Invest in the growing legal marijuana industry—including pure plays, production, and pharmaceuticals.

Ticker MJ


Data Defenders

Protect the world with cybersecurity. As life goes digital, data defenders are in high demand.

Ticker CIBR


Defending America

Invest in America's military suppliers. These aerospace and defense companies help secure our skies.

Ticker ITA


Delicious Dividends

Price increases aren't the only way to make money. These companies tend to throw cash to investors.

Ticker SCHD


Destination Recreation

Look forward to holidays away or nights out on the town? These companies fuel your fun.

Ticker PEJ


Do the Right Thing

Do well by doing good. These companies make positive impacts on society and the environment.

Ticker SUSA


Doctor, Doctor!

Give global healthcare a shot in the arm. These companies help us live longer and better lives.

Ticker XLV


Equality Works

Show your support for LGBT rights in the workplace. These companies champion equality for all.

Ticker EQLT


Essential Europe

Hop across the pond and invest in the mighty masters of Western Europe.

Ticker VGK


Fallback Funds

Looking to start investing? Put cash you won't need immediately to work in the lowest risk investment on Stash.

Ticker GBIL


Gamers FTW!

No playing around here. Campaign your cash in the name of video games and VR.

Ticker GAMR


Global Stability

Focused on developed markets, this fund invests in lower volatility international stocks.

Ticker EFAV


Happy Medium

These medium-sized U.S. companies, generally worth under $10 billion, have room to grow.

Ticker IJH


High Voltage

The world of utilities and power production is undergoing lightning fast change—capitalize on all of it.

Ticker VPU


Home Sweet Home

There is no place like home, invest in the American Dream. These firms build homes in the U.S.A.

Ticker XHB


In Transit

This investment provides targeted exposure to U.S. transportation stocks in a single, diversified fund.

Ticker IYT


Inflation Defense

Loan money to the US government while protecting against inflation with these unique bonds.

Ticker VTIP


Internet Titans

Invest in the immense potential of the Internet. These companies make most of their money online.

Ticker FDN


Long Haul Bonds

This fund is a mix of long-term, investment-grade, US government and corporate bonds.

Ticker BLV


Long-Term Mix

This aggressive blend is specifically built for long-term investing—like planning for retirement.

Ticker AOA


Match the Market

This low-cost foundation fund tracks the S&P 500—a grouping of America's largest companies.

Ticker IVV


Moderate Mix

Looking for an all-in-one moderate option to make it easy? This diverse collection is tailored to your goals.

Ticker AOM


Modern Meds

Support the advancement of medical science. These biotech companies innovate to save lives.

Ticker XBI


On Cloud Nine

Live your life on the cloud? Invest in companies that make it all possible.

Ticker SKYY


Pacific Powerhouses

Journey to the other side of the world. Asia Pacific has a lot to offer the adventurous investor.

Ticker VPL


Park my Cash

Want more interest than you get at the bank? This investment generates interest, with minimal risk.

Ticker MINT


Public Works

America needs schools, highways, hospitals, and sewer systems. This is how we get it done.

Ticker MUB


Rate Hike Refuge

These bonds protect against rising US interest rates via short-term loans to stable companies.

Ticker FLOT


Raw Earth

It takes a lot to sustain 7 billion lives - these companies process the stuff of the Earth and use it to fuel our world.

Ticker GNR


Real Estate Tycoon

Flip the rental equation, and become the landlord with this real estate investment fund.

Ticker VNQ


Retail Therapy

Love to Shop? These companies spur you to spend on clothes, food, travel etc - online and off.

Ticker XRT


Robots Rising

Robots are taking over the world - in a good way - by boosting output and improving efficiency.

Ticker ROBO


Slow & Steady

Stabilize your stash with these companies that tend to avoid rollercoaster spikes and slopes.

Ticker SPLV


Small but Mighty

Stand up for the little guys. Small but spirited, these companies have room to grow.

Ticker VB


Social Media Mania

Addicted to social media? Join the club. With 2 billion users, these companies keep us hooked.

Ticker SOCL


Stay in Touch

Invest in the telecom ties that bind us together. These companies connect us to the world.

Ticker VOX


Stocks Worldwide

This low-cost fund is all about global stock diversification. Investors? Possibly you.

Ticker VT


Uncle Sam

Uncle Sam wants you... to preserve your capital and earn interest, with U.S. Treasury bonds.

Ticker VGIT


Up & Coming

Ready to explore untapped markets? These emerging economies have room to grow.

Ticker VWO


Water the World

Don't take water for granted. Water changes everything and these companies supply it.

Ticker PHO


Women Who Lead

Hail the power of women in power—studies show gender diversity is just better business.

Ticker SHE


Young Money

80 Million strong. Powerful, opinionated, and optimistic. Companies, meet the Millennial generation.

Ticker MILN


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